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If I asked you to give me a couple of words to describe your heart or your life right now, what would you say? Hope and Life? Joy and Delight? Strong and Sure? Freedom and Anticipation? Or would it be more like Weary and UnsureScattered and HurtingConfused and DisappointedHeartache and Brokenness? How about in your relationships or in your marriage? What would you say? Everything's perfect... or something more like Civil War


Do you ever wonder when things are going to get better, when your schedule is going to finally make room for you to get away, get some peace, take a breather, when you can finally take care of some things you know need to change?  

The things you are struggling with -- addictions and obsessions, fear and shame, anxiety, anger and disappointment over things going wrong, lost dreams and painful memories and regrets -- none of it will go away on its own.  That's just the thing.  Time doesn't automatically heal all wounds.  

But they can be healed.

Maybe now is the time, time to step into a journey where you can get your heart and life back. Maybe now is the chance to take up courage and step into the battle for your freedom, the battle for your relationships, the battle for the full life you desire.

If this describes you, take the risk and read Why Counseling to learn more about what this journey may look like for you, or read Meet Brian to explore who I am and what I do.