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"I have known Brian for several years as both a friend and colleague. He is a man of great moral character whom I would trust with my closest friends and family. Brian has been gifted with great insight and compassion. His heart aches with other’s sorrows and rejoices in their freedom. He has the ability to impact people’s lives in a way like few others.  I have considered myself honored to have worked along side him."

Kevin Whisman, PsyD, counselor and psychologist

"I have called Brian ‘friend’ for several years now and have had the opportunity on multiple occasions to witness his heart for the hearts of others. His deep insights and thoughts come from an intimate walk with the Father that seeds all he does. He brings that heart and years of intimate communion with the Father in to the training and education that he’s received and releases that to others via his counseling practice. I would gladly recommend Brian to my closest friends and family."

Mike Lundeen, leader and minister
Outpost: Parakaleo Ministries

"Brian has been an ally of ours for a number of years. He has served as an intercessor at our Wild at Heart retreats, and has proved himself as a really good man with a huge heart for seeing people restored.  God is going to use him profoundly in a lot of people’s lives."

John Eldredge, author and counselor
"Brian Fidler is more than an outstanding therapist; he is an outstanding human being. He is authentic and genuine to the core. His therapeutic skills are an extension of who he is as a human being and follower of Christ. Therefore, he leads others on a therapeutic journey that he himself is not afraid to face. His authentic approach to therapy is refreshing in a profession that has become professionally distant and medication driven. Brian is in the top 5% of all therapists I have had the privilege of training."

Nick Ogle, PhD, professor of counseling
John Brown University 
"I have worked along side Brian on several occasions and witnessed his love for helping others. He is a professional and goes about his business with passion and integrity. I regularly refer clients to Brian for counseling with full confidence in his helping skills!"

Gabe Lett, LPC, author and counselor